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So many generations grew up with their music and danced to its rhythms. put your hands in the air – hands up! The artists from the music band Ottawan are calling their fans to the dance floor all over the world. Do you want to organise a concert that will be an incredible gift for any celebration?

Plunge into the atmosphere of crazy D.I.S.C.O., dance to the point of collapse, until ester and Robert don’t say to you: come’on and hands up! and then you just carry on dancing!

Ottawan have been music idols for ages.

The debut of Ottawan and their first performance under this name was in 1979, when an idea crossed the minds of two french producers, who were really popular at the time, Daniek Vangarde and Jean Kluger. They were going through the songs that they have produced and decided to create a new popular disco music band. They already had some hits in English, recorded at their studio, but what they didn’t have was a special person, with a great personality who could represent them on stage in front of the audience. They were looking for a front man, when they accidentally met Jean-Batiste Patrick at a bar in France. He wasn’t very popular at the time but his songs that he sang in french were filled with new and positive vibes.

Ottawan feat EstherAfter some quick negotiations they agreed that he would be the artist, who would perform their hits for the audience. Later another idea came to their mind. they decided to combine a wonderful male tenor voice with a charming female soprano voice. Daniek and jean had been looking for a female soloist for their new music project for a long time. But one day they were travelling to Ottawan together with a very talented female dancer and singer Annette. And they realised that she was the one. That was when they released their first song together.  And because of the fact that a concert of the artists and the recording of their debut single took place in the capital of canada, they decided to call the music band “Ottawan”.

That’s how they started becoming more and more popular. It was something very different and unusual, that a soloist was a frenchman, but all their hits were in english and he had to perform them using playback. Their first hit “D.I.S.C.O.” entered all the top-charts and became popular on five continents like a hot croissant in a french cafe. It was necessary to strengthen their success and the band released the next hit “you’re ok” that is probably known by heart by everyone, who wants to invite artists to their party. Tthat was the beginning of their journey to success. But after a while the members of the band changed, and Esther de Bijl became the new female soloist.

Some years later all rights for hits and the brand “Ottawan” were transferred to a french company “Editions et productions Zagora” (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/ottawan). And since then the music band Ottawan had a new lease of life. Then rather well-known artists, Esther de Bijl and Robert Walker, were invited to work as soloists. If you invite the music band Ottawan to your party, you will have an opportunity to listen to immortal hits of Ottawan, performed by an amazing female soloist Esther and a talented male soloist Robert Walker, who is a producer and a lyricist as well.

How can you book Ottawan?

Esther and Robert are ready to make your dream come true. If you still want to hear the best hits of  “disco music of the 80s” at your celebration performed using the original studio playbacks,  to dance to the catchy melodies of  “D.I.S.C.O” and “hands up (give me your heart)” and finally you wish to book artists of  “disco music of the 80s ” for your corporate event, it is really easy, if you contact us directly, avoid paying the «middle man» fees. Use this unique chance to make yourself well-known and create a truly unique atmosphere on the dance floor in your city. Satisfaction is guaranteed. You can also take a look at the riders and performance conditions of Ottawan at our official homepage

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Ottawan feat Esther book a show

If you want to make your party truly unforgettable and surprise your guests with great dance music, you should consider booking a show of Ottawan.

Their lively cheerful music and love songs will be a great final touch to any event.

You can book Ottawan feat E-Starr for a public show, festival, corporate party, New Year’s party, birthday celebration, wedding, presentation and any other type of event on the official website.

Please contact us via the form on the website or by calling one of our agents directly to confirm the availability and the fee for the event. Please note that the band is popular in the UK, as well as everywhere else in Europe, advance event booking is recommended.



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