Unforgettable concerts of the legendary original voice of “Smokie” Chris Norman, accompanied by his band, will take place in Riga and Daugavpils. The singer will perform not only his “golden” hits, but will also present songs from his new album “Junction 55” to the people of Latvia. The mood of the holiday will be enhanced by the charge of positivity, which will be shared before the performance of the legend by the star of discotheques of the 80s – the band “Ottawan”.

A boost of energy from “Ottawan”

Before the performance of the musical legend, the world-famous band “Ottawan” will take care of the positive mood of the guests. The lead singer of the French disco duo Patrick Jean-Baptiste, working in the famous company “Air France”, founded the group “Black Underground” and played music in the bars of the French capital.  Here he was noticed by Daniel Vangarde, a producer who had worked with Dalila, Sheila B. & Devotion and others, and offered to participate in a disco music project with dancer and vocalist Aneta Eltis.

The first single “D.I.S.C.O.”, recorded in the Canadian capital Ottawa (from which the name of the band “Ottawan” originates) shocked Europe. Hearing the words from the hit “Hands up, baby, hands up…”  everybody will want to plunge into the atmosphere of the parties of the eighties.

The performance of the musical legend and the “stars” of the disco of the 80s will give spring Riga a real celebration of creativity, which has been tested by time and millions of listeners around the world!