A list of requirements for concert planning and concert running for Ottawan.




4 airline tickets in economy class. Dusseldorf – Destination city – Dusseldorf.
*Low cost Airlines are not acceptable.




Additional expenses:


  •  visa fees (in case an entry visa for the Music Band is required), the cost of the visas should be specified in the course of completion of the documentation package. Visa Payment terms should be discussed with the tour manager separately;
  • in case of a flight cancellation or a delay in connection flights, a payment for the renewal of the airline tickets is required;
    Money shall be reimbursed to the Tour Manager by the Event Manager upon arrival to the destination city.




Three days before the departure of the Music Band a Representative of the Event Manager should provide the Tour Manager with a list of mobile numbers of the Event Managers, the driver for the Music Band, the technical personnel who are responsible for the Concert, and other services representatives who help run the Concert.
A minibus for 4 people is required (Mercedes Vito or a similar vehicle, the passenger compartment shall be not smoky and equipped with a working AC and a working heater).
An experienced driver is required: calm, non-smoker, with a good style of driving, someone who doesn’t ask too many questions.
Note: Cars should be available for the whole time of stay of the Music Band in your city, up until the departure time.




The place of residence should be a five-star hotel (a choice of the hotel should be confirmed with the tour manager in advance).
The hotel, including a private one, should have a high-level of service and it should be situated within the city, hotels in the countryside are not acceptable. The driving time from the hotel to the concert venue should not exceed 30 (thirty) minutes. WI-FI connection at a hotel room is a MUST.




Note: There should not be any abnormal noises in a close proximity to the hotel or the hotel room of the Artist including engineering or construction works, repair works in other hotel rooms etc.

4 single euro-hotel enhanced comfort rooms with double beds are required.

It may be desired to have all the hotel rooms allocated to the band on the same floor!
Every hotel room should have a hot water supply, as well as a 1littre bottle of EVIAN or VITTEL (still), a TV set, WIFI.
The hotel should meet all the European standards. In case the hotel does not comply with the above-mentioned requirements, the Artist has a right not to check-in and to leave the city and the country immediately.
The Event Manager is obliged to provide a web link for the hotel and photographs with the hotel’s interior before the hotel is booked.
Based on the passport information provided by the Tour Manager, the event Manager must book all the required hotel rooms in advance. Hotel room keys and a list of booked hotel rooms should be given to the Tour Manager on arrival to the hotel.




It’s necessary to grant a daily food allowance at a rate of 70 USD per person per day to the Team of the Artist (4 people) Cash assets mentioned in this clause can’t be considered as part of the Artist’s fee and should be paid separately.
Arrival days and late departure days should also be covered. The daily food allowance money has to be given to the Tour Manager by the Event Manager on arrival to the city.




It’s necessary to provide one dressing room for the whole Music Band. The dressing room should be clean, secure and should have a lock. The dressing room should be situated on the same floor as the stage entrance. It must have a mirror, clothes rails, heaters/fans (for normal air temperature maintenance), a table, 4 chairs or one sofa. The dressing room should be well-lit. A Separate WC should be situated near the dressing room and have a hot and cold water supply. The access to the dressing room should not be through the audience hall.


The following items and products should be available in the dressing room:


  • a coffee machine or freshly brewed coffee at any time;
  • an electric kettle filled with water;
  • tea (black tea and green tea), sugar, lemons, milk;
  • still mineral water «Vittel» or «Evian»: 6 bottles (0,5l each);
  • 100{d749a4b074c82376103e01b7c52146123eb96a66d7bdcafa722c30ec8bcbdfaf} freshly squeezed juice (apple juice or orange juice – 1l);
  • 1 bottle of champagne (brut!);
  • glasses;cheese platter (mozzarella, maasdam, suluguni, brie);
  • fish platter, charcuterie platter;
  • sliced brown bread and white bread;
  • fruit mix platter;
  • cups;
  • spoons, forks, a pocket pack of tissues, soap;
  • 3 soft terry towels;
  • a rubbish bin;

Hot meals for 4 people are required (one meal to be vegean!) after the show.
The dressing room key should be given to the Tour Manager on arrival to the concert venue.




The Event Manager has to provide services of a qualified security agency that specializes in safety provision for mass cultural entertainment and corporate events.
The Event Manager guarantees the security of the Artists throughout the whole time of the Concert and their presence at the concert venue as well. In case the Artists don’t feel safe during their performance, they have a right to leave the stage and the concert venue without further performing on stage and the further indemnity for an unfinished or a cancelled performance. Security personnel have no right to enter the dressing room.
A security officer should be engaged in the 24 hour- shift for the safety provision for the Artist.
Security officers are obliged to prevent any unauthorized photo or video recording at the airport, on arrival and during the departure of the Artist, at the place of residence, at the soundcheck, as well as in the course of the Concert.
Security officers should make sure that there are no unauthorized people at the sound check no matter what the layout of the venue is (no fence, roof etc.).
Any photo sessions of the Artist with the security officers, military officers, police officers, hotel staff and the Event Managers of the Concert are prohibited.
The Event Manager is responsible for making sure that there are no unauthorized people on stage and behind the curtain from the time of the Artist arrival to the concert venue and up until the start of the Concert, during the Concert and after the Concert until the time of the Artist’s departure.




The Event Manager has to provide a health care service for the Artist (if required) at his own cost and expense for the whole period of the Artist’s stay.




A delay in the start of the show should not exceed 15 (fifteen) minutes from the agreed time.
The duration of the performance will be agreed in advance and cannot be changed during the Concert.
The time of the performance can’t be split in two or several parts, only in exceptional cases with a prior approval of the Tour Manager.




The Event Manager has to allocate a representative who will deal with any matters related to the fulfillment of the terms of the rider for the whole time of the Artist’s stay (including pick up and departure), the representative should have a copy of the rider with him/her.
Any photo or video recording has to be discussed with the Tour Manager of the Artist.

Interviews, press conferences, broadcasting programs, promotional events, TV filming and other events are only permitted with a prior approval of the Tour Manager of the Artist.
Open Air performances should be completely safe for the Artist. The stage and the sound/light desks should have a roof.

Any advertising and promotional products and merchandise should be approved by the Artist prior to its release or sale.




All copyright payments should be made in the manner that is regulated by the local laws.




The information below is the technical rider of the music band. Details stated in this clause are necessary for ensuring the most comfortable performance conditions of as well as a quality sound.

All the requirements stated below are mandatory requirements to be fulfilled by the Customer. In case of non-fulfilment of terms of the technical rider the Performer reserves the right to cancel the performance.

This rider should be passed on to a representative of the Musical Equipment Rental Company or the concert venue engineer well in advance. Any changes or deviations should be discussed on the phone or via e-mail. The customer’s reply should include a list of equipment that is functioning properly and is available for immediate use, a description of the concert hall and the stage as well as an e-mail address and a contact phone number of the Music Equipment Rental Company or the concert venue engineer, who is responsible for the installation and the maintenance of the equipment during the performance. Regarding all technical matters, please, contact the Tour Manager of the Music Band in advance.
Requirements to the venue
Concert venue parameters: width- not less than 5m, depth- not less than 5m, height-not less than 2.5 m
Sound System (РА)
The following equipment is required
– hi-tech portal acoustic system:
This equipment should be connected and in operating mode. The Acoustic system power must be compatible with the size of the venue and provide the average acoustic pressure of 120 dBA in the middle of the concert hall by the signal level at the MASTER – outlet +0dBU (according to the bar indicator of the sound console).
– a mixing desk and on-ear headphones.
The mixing desk should be located in a suitable place (depending on the venue) in front of the stage and have a comfortable seat for the sound engineer (it’s forbidden to put the mixing desk in front of the acoustic portal, above the stage, under the stage, in any other premises etc.).
– professional modern devices for voice processing and voice improvement.
– stage monitors, not less than 4. In case it’s impossible to use stage monitors, it’s necessary to supply 3 principal monitors of high quality.
– 3 wireless microphones (“Shure”, “Sennheiser”) with brand new batteries (“Duracell”, “Energizer”).
– 3 microphone stands.
– 1 CD player, 1 mini stereo jack for an Ipad
Big screens at the concert venue would be an asset.
The lighting equipment should include dynamic devices and the smoke machine is mandatory
A professional sound engineer and a professional lights engineer should be present
Minimum sound check time is 20 min. The sound check should be held not less, than 2 hours before the beginning of the performance.

The Event Manager bears full responsibility for the quality of the sound equipment and the lighting equipment. All equipment should function properly and be tested prior to the beginning of the sound check. Grounding should be used for all electrical devices.