Sala Polivalenta BT Arena, Cluj-Napoca

sâmbătă, 21 septembrie, ora 19:00

THOMAS ANDERS from MODERN TALKING, SANDRA, ALPHAVILLE, LONDONBEAT and OTTAWAN are the artists who will take the stage at DISCOTECA ’80 CLUJ 2024 on Saturday, September 21, starting at 19:00, at the BTArena Multipurpose Hall in Cluj-Napoca, as part of the — the seventh edition of the event.
Songs like «Brother Louie» — THOMAS ANDERS from MODERN TALKING, «Maria Magdalena» — SANDRA, «Forever Young» — ALPHAVILLE, «I’ve Been Thinking About You» — LONDONBEAT or «D.I.S.C.O.» — OTTAWAN were «witnesses» to the most beautiful moments experienced by millions of people in their youth. On SEPTEMBER 21, 2024, the attending audience will have the opportunity to meet these beloved artists of international renown, sing and dance alongside them, nostalgic and joyful, under the glitter of the silver globe, in a concert of over 4 hours.