Official website Ottawan however you will not find Patrick’s photo or profile.

The popularity of world famous French dou “Ottawan” is nowadays as enormous as it was 30 years ago. Legends of disco keep on satisfying their fans appearing in various shows and on TV. This year disco stars were invited to Austrian to take part in dance show “Eiszauber 2014”. The occasion took place in Linz Ice Stadium.

This annual shows has already become a good tradition gathering more and more guests year by year. Each time the show managers try to attract as more viewers as possible by inviting new and old music stars. This year is no exception. Alongside with “Ottawan” Italian singer, pop star of the past Al Bano Carrissi also performed during the show.

Many years have passed since European discotheques literally blew up by the melody of the new track “D.I.S.C.O”. The hit smashed all box-office records. The next top-chart single “Hands up” is still most favorite song for uncountable amount of fans. Other hit single such as “Crazy music”, “Hello, Rio!”, “Sha la la la song” never left anyone cold.

One of the key factors of such triumph was the bilingualism of the group’s creative activity. The distinctive feature of this music band is that the vocalists mastered both French and English languages although certainly English versions of the songs are no doubt most recognizable. Jean-Baptiste Patrick and his female partner, dancer Annette made each appearance on stage a bright unforgettable show.

30 years have passed and yet Jean-Baptiste keeps on burning up hearts of his fans at retro festivals. Moreover, the duo is frequently performing at private parties. During such a long period about 5 female vocalists changed in the group, including Pat’s cousin Caroline. At present the artist works on the stage alongside with young and pretty Isabelle Yapi.

For booking a show of the stagers of European music industry there is an opportunity to find all the necessary contact details in the world wide web. At the official website Ottawan however you will not find Patrick’s photo or profile. Esther de Bijl and another vocalist Robert Walker have now official rights to perform under the title of the renowned legend and certainly for good reason. Esther, whose stage name is E-Starr, makes the old hits sound fresh and modern. The two vocalists re-energized the band. Thanks to them the legendary 1980’s-born project remains the most preferred and desired object for contact groups.