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Booking Ottawan for your party

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группа Оттаван

The official website of Ottawan, the cult duo of 80’s is the only true representation of euro disco band, lead by Esher de Bijl (Maria Hendrika Esther) and Clarence Robert Walker. On this official website of Ottawan you will find the band’s agent’s direct contacts. By inviting Ottawan to your event directly with no third parties you are saving around 20% of your budget. Order Ottawan band now to be part of our tour schedule. The travel and performance schedule is formed from mass events invitations or VIP parties.

You can make a show request for Ottawan through the official tour manager on this website, they will be reviewed by Esther and Walker in person. We guarantee a response to our clients about the date availability and show details within 22 minutes of your request. The agreed concert date will be added to Ottawan’s tour schedule.

Booking Ottawan for your party.

To make your party unforgettable, we invite event organisers and clients to view the invitation form. You can make a show request directly through the form on our official website, speak to the tour manager and find out about the availability of the band and their concert tour. You can also familiarise yourself with the technical and accomodation riders. You will have an opportunity to discuss the fee and sing the contract. Please kindly note that you will be required to pay a deposit.

Modern version of eurodisco Ottawan is so popular at the moment.

Ottawan today. What band is the original and the official one

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As many of you may have already noticed, there are 2 different Ottawan bands performing these days. You would often find articles online about one of the bands being original and the other one being a tribute. There are multiple “Official Ottawan” pages on social networks and even more websites.

One well known company based in Russia even reserved the rights to use the name “Ottawan” for a certain period of time. And this company does not miss an opportunity to remind other promoters and booking agents, that the name “Ottawan” can only be used with their permission.

You will hear discussions about who the original soloist really is and who has the rights to perform under that name. The Russian version of Wikipedia states one thing, the English version of the same website contradicts however.

But where does the truth lie? There are founders of the band, producers Daniek Vangarde and Jean Kluger. Unfortunately at this very moment these people are not particularly interested in the band, as they have already got back their investment and keep receiving payments as the true rights holders. They do not pay attention however to what goes on inside the band.

Some people say that whoever was on the cover of the cassette or the CD, would be the original Ottawan. Some on the other hand believe that whoever was seen in the video would be the original member of the band. Maybe it is the one whose voice is in the recording, or perhaps the one who has all the necessary paperwork. There really are as many opinions, as there are people, each to their own.

But would it make sense to actually ask the producers who they think should be called Ottawan and own the rights to perform under that name. Because as we all know there are many teams of bands like Boney M, Gipsy Kings, Baccara etc. And only the producer of these bands can reveal the truth.

As a conclusion in search for the answer we can only state that the producers are the only ones to decide who to pass on the rights to and who is the one to perform the songs under the name of Ottawan.

Christmas fairy tale with Ottawan

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Ottawan Original

New Year is more than just a holiday. This is special day when we all expect changes for the better. The best way to finish year 2015 and start year 2016 to meet the New Year would be to spend it with the popular French music disco 80 band «Ottawan». It is really simple to book a performance of Ottawan.

Moreover, if you take care of it in advance, you can save considerably. Order your favorite legendary band on the official site Years of experience in performing at Christmas celebrations at the highest level gives us confidence that the show will be impeccable.

Concerts during winter time

Based on previous years experience, Ottawan is very popular with returning corporate customers,
admirers of disco 80 era. Many people would be pleasantly surprised to find out that the band is much cheaper than a performance of the local bands. In addition, Hands up, Disco are among the hits that do not leave anyone calm and indifferent, no matter what their age or social status is.

Of course, customers are always given the opportunity to choose their own favorite hits to be performed at their party. More information about booking of Ottawan can be found on the official website

Official website Ottawan however you will not find Patrick’s photo or profile.

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ottawan original

The popularity of world famous French dou “Ottawan” is nowadays as enormous as it was 30 years ago. Legends of disco keep on satisfying their fans appearing in various shows and on TV. This year disco stars were invited to Austrian to take part in dance show “Eiszauber 2014”. The occasion took place in Linz Ice Stadium.

This annual shows has already become a good tradition gathering more and more guests year by year. Each time the show managers try to attract as more viewers as possible by inviting new and old music stars. This year is no exception. Alongside with “Ottawan” Italian singer, pop star of the past Al Bano Carrissi also performed during the show.

Many years have passed since European discotheques literally blew up by the melody of the new track “D.I.S.C.O”. The hit smashed all box-office records. The next top-chart single “Hands up” is still most favorite song for uncountable amount of fans. Other hit single such as “Crazy music”, “Hello, Rio!”, “Sha la la la song” never left anyone cold.

One of the key factors of such triumph was the bilingualism of the group’s creative activity. The distinctive feature of this music band is that the vocalists mastered both French and English languages although certainly English versions of the songs are no doubt most recognizable. Jean-Baptiste Patrick and his female partner, dancer Annette made each appearance on stage a bright unforgettable show.

30 years have passed and yet Jean-Baptiste keeps on burning up hearts of his fans at retro festivals. Moreover, the duo is frequently performing at private parties. During such a long period about 5 female vocalists changed in the group, including Pat’s cousin Caroline. At present the artist works on the stage alongside with young and pretty Isabelle Yapi.

For booking a show of the stagers of European music industry there is an opportunity to find all the necessary contact details in the world wide web. At the official website Ottawan however you will not find Patrick’s photo or profile. Esther de Bijl and another vocalist Robert Walker have now official rights to perform under the title of the renowned legend and certainly for good reason. Esther, whose stage name is E-Starr, makes the old hits sound fresh and modern. The two vocalists re-energized the band. Thanks to them the legendary 1980’s-born project remains the most preferred and desired object for contact groups.

Golden Hits Ottawan

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Ottawan feat Esther_6

Hits Ottawan Disco stars of past years are still in demand in many European and post-Soviet countries. Most of the groups working in this music style do not renew their repertoire and rarely release new albums. However artists of the past remain on top. They take part not only in festivals performing in front of wide audience but also accept invitations to sing at private parties. All the information about how to do that is without difficulties found in the Internet. For example, for booking a show of most famous French duo of 1980-s one can simply search for official website Ottawan.

It is no secret anymore that currently there exist two versions of the renowned music band. In the first one all songs are performed by Jean-Baptiste Patrick is mostly familiar to the audience. Pat nowadays is working on the stage with young and charming Yapi Isabell. The brand name of the group can not anymore be officially used since long ago by Jean-Baptiste and his team. However, it is absolutely no hindrance for Pat and here is why. The black vocalist remains the idol for millions of people who know the lyrics of the immortal hits the most successful French music projects of the 20th century by heart.

Still only a few fans can remember now that the project was at the edge of disbandment. The crisis happened in 1982 after the second recorded collection of fresh hits of the group appeared at music stores. Jean-Baptiste Patrick decided to leave the project but the creators and producers Vangarde and Kluger decided that it could not be finished just like that. Therefore, the decision to invite new vocalists was made urgently. Esther de Bijl was the first to grab the attention. This gifted young singer from Bali came into the group in 1984 and it marked the revival of Vangarde’s and Kluger’s project.

Esther was born in a family of musicians and her vocation was in fact predetermined since the day she was born. She started working in the musical sphere at an early age. In her homeland Esther performed in a group “Sisters of Soul” with her brother and sister. Her experience, great talent and passion for music appeared to be decisive factors for the producers.

The voice of de Bijl can be heard on the album released in 2010 with the collaboration of famous sound producer Pete Doyle. The album contains remixes on such songs as “D.I.S.C.O.”, “Crazy Music”, «Hands Up», “Sha La La La” and other everlasting hits.
Today contact groups and different agencies offer fans great opportunity to enjoy their favorites on the concert venues in Europe and America. And more often the public is longing for exactly Esther de Bijl and her partner Clarence Robert as their proficiency gets only better year after year.

Ottawan new life

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Ottawan feat Esther_5

If today you ask any person aged 40 or older what music band of early 1980-s he or she can remember you’ll certainly hear the name “Ottawan”. No wonder, because “Ottawan” is one of the most successful projects of that time.

www.ottawan-disco.comThe name the group derives from the name of the city Ottawa in Canada, where their first single was recorded. But the story of the group began a bit earlier in France when two French producers Daniel Vangarde and Jean Kluger decided to create a new music group. The band would work in a disco style which was extremely popular at that period. The record producers were looking for two soloists and soon found a young singer of Guadeloupe origin Jean Baptiste Patrick. Before becoming a frontman of Ottawan he performed in different bars in Paris with his own band “Black Underground”. Later on a female artist Annette was also invited.

Their first single from the одноименный альбом “D.I.S.C.O” released in November 1979 at once reached top positions in European charts. The song especially had a great success in Britain where it became second best song in national music charts. In Netherlands and Norway it got number 1 position remaining in charts for many weeks.

In 1980 “Ottawan” have their first album released, including such songs as “Shalala song”, “Hello Rio!” and one more hit single “Haut les mains “ which remained in tops in France for 8 weeks. It’s English version “Hands Up(Give Me Your Heart)” was included into the group’s follow-up album “Ottawan 2”. The album repeated the success of it’s foregoer with new hits “Crazy music”, “ A.I.E. Is My Song”.

ottawan-disco.comIn 1983 Jean Baptiste Patrick left the group but made a come back soon afterwards. Although “Ottawan” had no singles and albums released since 1984 it still remains mostly desired groups in many countries. In recent ten years “Ottawan” is a frequent guest at numerous music festivals held in many post-Soviet countries. The reason for it’s huge popularity held through decades is the artists’ commitment to what they’re doing on the stage and their ability to stir up each and every concert hall they perform in. Jean Baptiste Patrick is very well-known for high respect to the fans. Naturally, he gets such affection from them in response.

Each year “Ottawan” helds concert tours through many countries. Booking a show or inviting artists to be a guest star at a private party can today be made with the help of a contact group or simply through official website Ottawan that is usually immediately found via most search systems.