Booking Ottawan for show

Disco has always been incredibly popular in Russia. Although many years have past since the first records of western artists appeared in the Soviet Union, this jenre remains the most loved one among present-day Russian public. This affection is hard to explain at first thought. However the reason for this is quite obvious. Several generations of Russians grew up listening and dancing to such hits as “D.I.S.C.O.”,“Crazy Music”, “Sha La La La Song”,  “Hands Up”.

French group “Ottawan” is no doubt the most in-demand representative of the jenre. Jean Baptiste Patrick, the leader of the music band, confessed in one of the interviews that he adores his Russian fans.  For the last decade the group  members have been spending almost every weekend in Moscow. They are regularly invited to various occasions, festivals and private parties.  No wonder that Pat always greets Russian journalists in their native language. Besides he uses Russian to “shake up” the audience during performances.

The group often gives concerts in the Ukraine. In 2011 French artists took part in the big recital dedicated to the anniversary of the famous football club “Shakhter”. Pop star Rihanna was also invited to the event that took place on one of the biggest concert venues of the country, “Donbass-Arena”.  The artists as well were the headliners of the show dedicated to the opening of “Donbass-Arena” which happenned in 2009. At that time the partner of Pat was his sister, Caroline Ann  Coudaire. Soon after she left the project and a female soloist of French origin Christine Manne became a new partner of  Jean Baptiste.  At the present Pat is performing with young and attractive Yapi Isabelle who joined the project in 2012.

Unlike other pop stars the duo always agree to perform in small towns. In 2012 legends of 1980-s were invited to the town Kudymkar which is situated in Perm region in central Russia. The population of the place is only 30 000 The performance was arranged to celebrate the town day. During the press conference conducted right before the performance Pat told that fans everywhere mean much for him. He also added that the project accepts invitations to perform in big and small towns everywhere. Only war can hinder our the performance.

Lately the project encounters huge problem. Sometimes in Russian cities and small towns and in other post-soviet countries one can see posters about an upcoming performance of the world-famous French duo. When a person buys a ticket and comes to see his or her favourites, the “favourites” appear to be young and different. Having imposters is unfortunately a common phenomenon for many groups and performers. Pat once told the journalists that there exist a fake group with pretty young soloists who tour around Russia and sing their songs.

Booking a show of the “originals” is possible only through legal contact groups and agencies. Besides there is the official webside Ottawan where anyone can learn most important facts about the project, tour schedule and rider of the popular group.